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What happens on the day of laser surgery?

On the day of laser surgery ,you come to the hospital an hour before surgery, you will be seen by nurses and they will check your B.P & heart rate.If you are anxious ,you are given a mild sedative in the form of tablet.It is very mild but very effective at calming the patients & making them feel comfortable & less anxious. About 20 mins before that start of surgery you are taken up where our laser systems are located .We will lie you flat on bed and we will swing you underneath the laser.We then start applying some anaesthetic drops.These are very effective eye drops.They rapidly work to numb whole surface of eye & edges of the eyelid.We use very gentle speculum to hold eyes open.With speculum your eyelid do not meet & device keeps them out of the field we are working in.Now you look at the flashing light and we complete the procedure whether LASIK or LASEK.The whole procedure takes less than five minutes per eye & laser works for only 20-30 seconds per eye depending on your prescription.After completing the procedure we put in drops to help the eye heal .We do one eye first & then we proceed to the treatment of the second eye & once both eyes are done we bring you back,give you a cup of tea & give you a final check before you go home.

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