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How do you assess a patient’s eligibility for Laser Eye Surgery?

We assess the suitability of someone for laser eye surgery in 3 steps:- 1) First step is to have sophisticated scans which examine the health of the eye but in particular focus of the cornea to see whether cornea is sufficiently strong to withstand effects of laser eye surgery. 2) The second step is to see one of our optometrists who is specialist in refraction & prescribing glasses.He gives you correct prescription & sees that there has been no chance that could affect outcome of laser eye surgery. 3) The third step is for you to see a consultant ophthalmologist who ultimately is responsible for your care & for performing surgery on you .He will discuss your scans,check your prescription ,ensure that it is safe for you to have laser eye surgery & help you decide which form of laser eye surgery is correct for you.In some cases laser eye surgery is not suitable for you & we have other alternatives as ICL which the consultant ophthalmologist will discuss with you.

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