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What are myths about laser surgery?

Here are some common myths answered by me in details:- 1) “You can go blind” this is completely incorrect .There has never been a single case of blindness reported anywhere in world as a result of laser eye surgery.There are small risks but not more than risk of damaging your vision by wearing contact lenses. 2) “My eyes are not suitable for laser”, most patients are advised these by their optician who do not have a corneal Pentacam/Sirius Master to asses the shape & thickness of your cornea, neither you have had a full assessment by a refractive surgery specialist.3) ” My prescription is not suitable for laser” with modern staff of art laser almost all prescriptions are treatable from + 5.00 of long sightedness to -12D of shortsightedness and with astigmatism of upto +/-4D.(i.e a lot!!!!!) 4) ” I am too young “, if you are above 18 and your prescription is stable,most clinics will be happy to treat you . 5) “I am too old”, laser surgery can be performed on patient of any age. Traditional laser corrects distance vision only & reading glasses are not needed.Public & most opticians are unaware of new 3rd generation laser called Presbyond by Zeiss. This is a remarkable new technology which corrects both distance & near vision . 6) “You may have to take 2weeks off work”, you need 2 days off only. 7)” We don’t know long term effects of laser”,this is wrong.Patients have been undergoing this procedure routinely for 27 yrs & not even a single problem has been identified.

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