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How does laser eye surgery works?

With laser eye surgery we sculpt the prescription onto the surface of cornea & hence we neutralise or correct the imperfection .There are 2 main ways of doing it:1) 1st generation laser surgery known as LASEK.Here we perform the laser treatment directly onto the surface of the cornea.It is very safe & accurate treatment but very sore.2)2nd generation of laser surgery known as LASIK. Here we create a very thin flap onto the surface of the cornea, then we sculpt the prescription inside the cornea & place the flap back down.There is little bit of watering & irritation for a couple of hours afterwards. Within 12-24 hrs vision is crystal clear.3) 3rd generation of laser surgery known as PRESBYOND is the world’s latest & most advanced technology which removes glasses both for far & near after 40.It works on the principle of LASIK.

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